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History of 


Founded officially in 2012 by a group of keen Deakin Psychology Students, DUPS was created to support fellow students in their studies of psychology. It was originally unaffiliated with DUSA (Deakin University Student Association), but over the years, it has evolved to such an extent that DUPS now works closely with staff in the School of Psychology, and in collaboration with DUSA. We are a society created and led by students, and we focus on enabling the exchange of information and ideas about studying and working in the field of Psychology, as well as social activities!


Although DUPS is open to all students to join, it is primarily based at the Burwood campus, and therefore events are generally limited to the Burwood campus.

The Deakin University Psychology Society (DUPS) is open to all students across all Deakin Campuses; on-campus and off-campus, undergraduate and postgraduate, and even staff if they are so inclined. Whether you're undertaking a single unit in psychology, completing your postgraduate degree or simply have an interest in psychology, you're welcome here.


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